Engage your customers

The SAVR platform connects your audience with your on site activities and events.

Improve your customer knowledge

Create additional channels to engage with your customers.

record local footfall

How do customers move around your location and what are possible interaction points you may be overlooking.

build customer profile

Who are customers and how do you start getting a deeper understanding of how they behave.

add advertising channel

Add an additional way to reach customers who may not know much about your store.

Build your data infrastructure with

Our Platform

Engagement Map

Consumers will access an overall engagement map to encourage movement and foot traffic to specific area to unlock engagements.

Profile Status

Collect and unlock trophies, badges and special status by completing different engagement activities. ​


Redeem collected tokens, engagement items to unlock rewards that are redeemable in real life. ​

Who we serve

Retail to Corporate and everything in between


Retail Shopping Centers, Tourist Destinations, and Physical Establishments will be our main focus during our pilot sessions.


One time activation for large scale conferences, sports tournaments or festivals.

Marketing Campaigns

Customized marketing campaign channel corporate business and agencies.

Contact Us

We are in the business of helping you establish deeper connections with your audience and create environments for them that they will continue to engage with again and again. If you are interested in seeing how we can help contact us!


Miami, FL